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Freedom of Speech, Trita Parsi and NIAC Style

This entry was posted by Monday, 5 December, 2011
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Freedom of Speech, Trita Parsi and NIAC Style آزادی بیان به سبک تریتا پارسی‌ و نایاک  

Freedom of Speech, Trita Parsi and NIAC Style
Posted by Arash Irandoost at 7:21pm

Dr. Trita Parsi’s censored, highly controlled public event, and refusal to answer my questions reflected his and NIAC’s duplicity and lack of integrity and confidence in themselves. Trita Parsi and by extension NIAC’s conduct was a hallmark of an authoritarian and uncivilized behavior.  Dr. Arash Irandoost

On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 4:17 PM, Walton Martin wrote: Trita Parsi, at a @NIACouncil sponsored event, refuses to answer questions. @tparsi #Iranelection @SenatorKirk

EVENT: Titra Parsi from NIAC speaks on Iran and Obama Administration’s Foreign Policy in the last 2 years Date & Time: Saturday Feb 26, 2011 12:30 – 3 P.M. Location: 5201 Democracy Dr. Plano TX 75024 Admission: $10.00 (Optional) Sponsored by : Dallas Peace Center, Iranian Democratic Society of Dallas, The World Affairs Council, and The Dallas Press Club.

A well dressed man in a suit and tie enters the Center for American & International Law, ironically addressed at 5201 Democracy Drive, Plano, Texas. Before he gets to the meeting room he is stopped and asked, “If you are here to start trouble you will not be allowed in and have to leave.” After a short, calm and polite exchange about it being an event carrying an open invitation to the public, the courteous gentleman and his wife enter the auditorium. Before this, however, the gentleman is told that, if he wishes to ask a question of the speaker, he must obtain an index card from the reception desk and submit it to the staff. Unlike some, who were refused an index card for no apparent reason, this gentlemen is given an index card and enters the meeting hall. In the lecture hall the audience is told: “Whatever is discussed here, stays here. There can be no cameras or recording devices.” A reporter objects and is told she will have to leave. She begins to leave but is followed by one of the staff and after a discussion in the hallway, she returns (it is not known what the conversation consisted of, nor if there were any conditions agreed for her return). The questions for Mr. Parsi which were submitted in writing after his speech by the audience are then collected and scrutinized (censored) by three of his assistants. An attendee later complained that, after she had submitted her question, which was “Do you believe in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic?” to one of the event organizers collecting the index cards, this organizer read the question and tore up the index card before it could be submitted to Mr Parsi, and threw it in the waste basket. Those who submitted questions were not allowed to read them out themselves. This is the question the gentleman in the suit submitted: ________________________________________

“Mr. Parsi, It has been said that you are only as good as the company you keep. You have a propensity to associate with unsavory characters such as Roy Coffee and David Di Stefano, who were investigated by the Justice Department for activities conducted on behalf of former convicted Congressman from Ohio, Mr. Bob Ney. Roy Coffee and Di Stefano arranged a trip for the Congressman to travel to London, where he met with a Syrian arms dealer and a convicted felon, involved in a conspiracy to circumvent United Nations sanctions and to sell prohibited aircraft parts to the Iranian government. Bob Ney pled guilty to charges of making false statements and conspiracy in relation to lobbying and bribery scandal and was sentenced to federal prison for 30 months. More specifically, Bob Ney received bribes from lobbyists and foreign businessmen, a felon and an arms dealer (Fuad Al Zayat), in exchange for using his position to advance their financial interests. AIFC has charged NIAC with 300 misrepresentations about your identity just in January alone. In a recent memo to Coffee and Di Stefano you plan to use NIAC in a lobby enterprise called NAIA aimed at opening up opportunities for trade but disguised by less controversial issues such as race, discrimination, racial profiling, yet you never admit being a lobbyist for the regime. My question is: With such troubling track record, conduct and murky affiliations, do you honestly think that you are qualified to represent the Iranian-American community honorably, with dignity, respect and integrity?”


To the surprise of the gentleman in the suit, Dr Arash Irandoost, the words and meaning of the question he had submitted were now completely re-written and wrongly summarized by Mr. Parsi’s event moderator (who looked more like a bodyguard). Dr Irandoost realizes this, objects and states, ‘That is not my question.’ The moderator then asks him not to interrupt, to which he replies, ‘I’m sorry, Mr Parsi, he is not reading the question the way it was written, I have the question right here, let me read it correctly’. Parsi largely ignores Dr Irandoost and carries on answering the incorrect question. Dr Irandoost politely objects again and asks “Mr. Parsi, how can you provide an answer if you have not been given the correct question?” Parsi’s moderator then rudely asked Dr Irandoost to leave the room and then requested the police officer who was present to escort Dr Irandoost out of the building for ‘disrupting the meeting’, although some in the audience objected and requested that he be allowed to ask his question. Dr Irandoost comments that “If Mr. Parsi does not want to answer the question, then there is no reason for me to stay here” and he gets up to leave, with his wife. At this time, Parsi’s doorman/guard, pointed at Dr. Irandoost and his wife, and then to the door, as a gesture to the police to remove them from the hall and, as he was leaving the lecture hall, the same, big, suited doorman, placed his hand on Dr Irandoost’s chest, attempting to push him towards the door. At this point, Dr Irandoost clearly states loudly enough so that the police officer could hear him, “Don’t touch me again” and the officer then intervenes and stand between them as Dr. Irandoost continues to walk towards the door. Even the police officer couldn’t believe the actions of Parsi’s staff and was courteous and friendly to Dr. Irandoost and his wife. As they were leaving, they were accompanied by others also offended by the behavior exhibited by Parsi and NIAC’s staff. As they left and were followed by others in the audience, the doormen who pushed Dr Irandoost accused all those leaving with him and his wife of being members of the Mujahedin. In addition, Parsi’s words, as Dr Irandoost left the hall, sounded very much like those used regularly by the Iranian regime. With breathtaking irony, he said that he thought it unfortunate that Iranians cannot discuss issues in a civilized manner, as if Dr Irandoost was being uncivilized rather than Parsi and his staff being disrespectful to his audience by not answering their questions, censoring them, and forcing them to leave. At this point, Dr. Irandoost turned around and called Parsi a liar. Now, that is Trita Parsi’s and NIAC’s representation of how a democracy should work, except their form of thugocracy is currently only used by dictators, such as those in Iran. We will not tolerate this behavior in the United States, nor should it be tolerated anywhere else in the world. Trita Parsi, President of the National Iranian American Council, claims he represents Iranian Americans, but really represents the IRI thugs in Tehran. He never did answer Dr Irandoost’s question. It is no wonder that Iran is in the state that it is, if people like Hillary Clinton actually believe that Parsi and NIAC represent Iranian Americans. I only wish NIAC Board members and the internationally recognized and talented comedian, Maz Jobrani, were there to see the real Trita Parsi and his thugs in action. (End)

Freedom of Speech NIAC and Trita Parsi Style


Posted on Facebook by Mr. Aryo Barzan Pirouznia

NIAC (the self proclaimed “Natianal Iranian American Council” ( meetings are just a series of masquerade and demagoguery shows, intended in reality to create more fake background for its immoral president (named Titra Parsi)…

The following are my comments, on what I saw yesterday, 2/26/11, in Dallas / Texas, at a NIAC meeting..

First you must know that yesterday’s meeting was organized, after that the organizers had canceled a prior meeting, about a month ago and as a lot of locals were intending to protest against.. and that the 2/26/11 replacement meeting was announced in a very short time frame, and that the notice ad was not sent to the local weekly news paper till 3 days before yesterday’s meeting, for distribution, just the day before (on 2/25/11)….

Now, once organized, finally on 2/26/11, and as many Iranians and Iranian Americans were thinking that the project has been abandoned, since the last initial canceled meeting, and that news of the organization of the 2/26 meeting, is maybe a mistake,…. About less than 70 or 80 people (MAXIMUM…. and here I’m trying to stretch the number to a maximum), including the speakers, about 10 of the local organizers, about 5 of their security guards and bus boys, about 4 or 5 businessmen (coming to see of future self opportunities, and that apparently one of them has done an interview posted on youtube, and as no local journalist wanted to do a do an interview), about 10 well aware critics (including myself), about 40 curious and some unaware people (mainly young, in look to be represented and getting a group identity, but attracted by the demagoguery) – had come…

There was a tight security at the doors and everybody had to register, to see who they’re (see below), in order to be granted access to what was supposed to be an OPEN and PUBLIC meeting, with policemen and organizational security members, some of them with well know past support for the Islamic republic regime….

Then, and once inside, NIAC organizers had a publicly declared rule that there was not any place for any open question, that any recording or taking a picture was strictly forbidden (despite that NIAC is targeting to boost its name), and that the meeting presence would be refused to any Iranians and Iranian-Americans judged to represent security danger…

In this line, and first and at the registration desk, they refused my access to this OPEN and PUBLIC meeting, by stating that I’m not welcome (as I had in the past exposed Parsi and people like Hooshang Amir Ahmadi and Hassan Nemzaee, and as I know well their hidden agendas and how they operate) . Thy claimed that I have been, in the past, “VIOLENT and BRUTAL”….and they escorted me with a Plano Police Dept. officer to the parking lot…. By starting to say that this is a PRIVATE gathering held in a PRIVATE space… (LOL)..

Everyone must know that their ad was published in the local newspaper SHAHRVAND, and was asking from people to participate…..

But as I stood in the parking lot and people were gathering around.. they saw that this will be turning against them and that their masquerade is not starting on a good basis… For so, some of the organizers came out and asked me to come in…. I stated that I won’t come in till they explain me on when I have done of VIOLENT and BRUTAL …..

They said that I had made a protest, in one of the rallies, against some one holding or promoting Moosavi (the so-called Iranian opposition leader, who was for years the prime Minister of the Islamic regime and that during his office, thousands were executed, and tens of thousands of Iranian kids were sent to walk on Iraq’s mine fields..) ….

I told them, you mean that I PROTESTED and this civically against someone holding a poster of this criminal during a rally , over my head and in front of TV camera???? And that now, you permit yourselves to call my peacefully made protest as VIOLENT and BRUTAL (for not asking to become a pawn) while you forget that VIOLENT and BRUTAL is the regime and people, like Moossavi, that NIAC is intending to sell – as good guys- to Americans????

Then, I added, now you are asking me to come in, so there’s less shame on your activities???? Don’t think that once inside I won’t protest…. You’re just doing this, as you know my access to Iranian media and on all the noise that this will make…

Despite stating that, and in order to calm the situation in the parking lot, by the main entry door, they still asked me to come in…. (LOL)

Once I was in, I went and sat a the top level of the Chatham Amphitheater, located in Democracy drive of Plano. My top level position was allowing me to have a good look on the place and to see all participants and their number..

The meeting started at 1:00 PM and the named Sean Murphy from NIAC in Washington DC acted as the MC…

He started the introduction with a very authoritarian voice and asking anyone against their policies to leave the premises before Titra Parsi (NIAC’s president and the main speaker) starts his show…

He forbade even to the invited press any real way of reporting by asking them to not take any pictures or to record…LOL…. So much with Democracy and Freedom of Information…..

In this line, the well respected local journalist (of Shahrvand Publication, in which NIAC had run its add of a so-called “open to public” meeting..) left the meeting, by protesting,openly and publicly,against the existing censorship and repression atmosphere…..

The next one, to leave, was me and then several other during the meeting, as one of them was verbally abused by Sean the MC, when he protested on why they didn’t read the second part of his written question, as it was embarrassing for NIAC.. Yes, the question had to be written and were selected to be responded.. Not in American way of organizing a meeting, but as an Islamic way of “democracy”….

The named Sean, the MC, was so verbally abusive, to the point that he was, later, qualified and this OPENLY and PUBLICLY, in presence of all participants as ” a shameless cheap and forceful bus boy of a cheap Strip Club” – by one of the participants in the meeting….

NOW some notes on sidelines and organizers:

The most funny element was a Medical Doctor, who was also part of the local organizers and was listened by security members, but that was afraid (due to most likely the shame that can create for him, if the project collapses) to take responsibility and to confess that he had part in the organization….. He denied, when addressed, by myself, that he was a organizing member committee.. His name is Arash Manzoori.

Other members of the organizing committee were, individuals, such as a named , Reza Badee-i, known for his self promoting past, lack of social and political intelligence, and following Moosavi line….

They were also, part of the above named 40 participants, some young businessmen that are known, to the community, and that their dads and uncles did a lot of business with people within the Islamic regime, under Bani Sadr, by importing tons of Persian rugs, to the US, and which helped them to build their future in US.. Money has no odor, and Business means business.. From fathers to sons, it seems…

BUT, I sadly saw, at this NIAC meeting,… One person, who despite our ideological differences, I have had an immense respect for him, and he knew it…….

He was, at at time, part of left group and had humanist ideals of what were the best…. , But I sadly saw him on the table organization of NIAC in Dallas and in charge of filtering the participants (a censor in all point of view) and on who can get inside or not (of the so-called public meeting) !!!! and he couldn’t answer me…. when I was, like a …paralyzed parrot…., keep saying: Why you.. tell me why you..???

When I reminded him of the famous Saed Soltan Poor poem, of “Aftabkaran e Jangal”, and that how the Islamic regime killed his comrade, Saeed Soltan Poor, and this during the Prime Ministership of Moosavi (today praised as a “hero” and “leader of opposition”).. and added on why Bijan (the name of this yesterday friend in who I was believing at a time, in his integrity that seem to have gone with the wind) , and with tears in my eyes… he had tears in his eyes, also, but kept going……. I told him, you know Bijan, by seeing you here, and as a censor, and organizer of this masquerade, that we people of Iran, seem to have been doomed….. and we will never be able to plant the Sun in Iran (part of Soltan Poor’s poem)…I’m sorry for all of us…..

Bijan called me today in order to justify himself and talk, I told him, I have to go, as something broke inside me, yesterday, by seeing him there…Boghz dasht khafam mikard….Nemikhastam, boghzam betereke, ke sharm bishtar nakon e… I’m sorry for all of us…

That everyone must know, is the that the real target, of NIAC, by creating such meetings , is to build more fake credential (of speaking in the name of our big community), to recruit ignorants, in order to get more funds ..

Indeed, Everyone, with a little bit of memory and some conscience, is fully aware that these jokers of NIAC (especially of Titra Parsi, at not a very far time that he was the political bus boy of Houshang Amir Ahmadi and Nemazee, the well known lobbyists for the Islamic regime (Namazee is today and for the next 10 years in a US federal jail for corruption-)

Indeed, Parsi and his bosses tried to hide for years the rights abuses in Iran, and tried to make the Islamic regime (in its worst dark hours) as a so called respectable interlocutor to the free world..

It’s JUST, JUST, JUST since 2003, that due to world’s awareness, Parsi is speaking about rights abuses, as he can’t deny anymore such fact, as he did, when working for Amir Ahmadi and Nemazee, when he was pushing for almost the unconditional recognition of the Islamic regime by the US… Also, he portrays his group as opposed to war between US and Iran, while many groups are known to oppose such idiotic concept since years, while denouncing the regime’s rights abuses…

Also, the one who was calling for an almost full recognition of the regime, by the US, is today picking what many opposition groups were asking, due that no one can deny the fact of rights abuses, for targeted sanctions against the regime and regime’s men…

For years and when Amir Ahmadi, Nemazee and Parsi likes were asking for the world to recognize the Islamic regime and were off shifting the attention and focus on the regime, and asking for taking off the pressure on it, so many died in Iran…

Now, he starts to claim that he wants the regime to go?? after they could no more hide the daily crimes and the total unpopularity of the regime>>>

NIAC masterminds know that many know about Prasi’s past and that will be denouncing him and his demagoguery. In this line, LOOK, they have even disabled the comment link to his ONLY interview during his 2/26/11 event in Dallas:…

None of the local media wanted to get involved in his mockery of true and they had to content to Youtube and even disable, as of today 2/7/11, any comment link….

Shame on him and shame on all those masterminds of NIAC..,

Most its ignorant members must wake up and search the shady past of the corrupt founders and runners of the the real show… They MUST Avoid being a sheep…

They must check all available public records that will show NIAC lies on number of its members, in order to try to fakely boost its membership number, to attract more idiots, corrupts, non scrupulous businessmen, or ignorants or emotional people in their rank…

They must check Titra Parsi’s activities that were to try to justify the Islamic regime and for US to recognize this bloody regime…

Don’t be a sheep, check the public record and background… We need to plant the Sun in Iran, as predicted by Soltan Poor and sacrifices made by so many Iranians of all political background….. I’m sure all those who died, must not have gone in vain…..

Cheap marketing, fake and phone councils, juicy contracts with foreign companies, and fake opposition leaders MUST NOT stop us and the people of Iran from reaching a CLEAN Secular and Democratic regime… Don’t let them fool you, like our parents were fooled….

I’ll echo here and gain, with the late Dr. Shahpoor Bakhtiar and his immortal slogan “IRAN HARGUEZ NAKHAHAD MORD!!!!”

I only, in case if a day, Bijan, can see, a day, this note, paste him the below youtube link, so he can listen and remember of what made the GOOD and HONORABLE Bijan, that me and many of his killed comrades knew, and that our sons and daughters, must know…. A message of consistency, integrity, sacrifice and humanity… May that this reminder brake the NIAC ice that has taken over the hearts of those who are losing their memories and of what made them as good:…

Armand Nouri Writes:

NIAC public event held in Dallas on February 26, 2011
I do not think that giving any prior information to introduce NIAC here will help in this report but I do have all links and necessary document to back up my statements.
I met the organizers of this event two years ago during the protest we organized against Islamic Republic after the fake election.
When I heard  that the NIAC event is organized by the same people, I knew that some words like democracy, civilized, educated and human rights will be repeated in every sentence they make but I also knew that I will face a series of masquerade.
As soon as I entered the building with some friends, their first reaction was to question us about what we want and what we do here, are we going to disturb their so called “ democratic and civilized event” or not.
A selection was taking place at the door by giving what they called “index card” on which you had a number and you have to write your question.  One of our friends had to leave right away because according to them he was known as a “disturbing” person [trouble maker]. After some discussion we had the “honor” to enter the event room.
At the beginning, a well suited gentleman introduced Mr Parsi as a hero and an exceptional person in politics, I better say the best almost in everything and at the end. He ordered the audience to not ask any open questions, to not film or record any audio, to not take any picture  and the most amazing request was that no one had to talk about what is said here once outside. 
When the reporter of Shahrvand stood up and objected by saying that I have to do my job and your conditions are not acceptable, she was asked to leave right away and she did so but then Dr. Arash Manzoori who was responsible for selecting people to organize the event brought her back. The amazing thing was that we all needed Dr. Manzoori’s approval before the police would let us in.
My first question was “ Wasn’t that a public event, if yes why this secrecy”???
Time came for our question and we all handed them to Mr. Bijan who was very carefully bringing them to Shawn Amoee and the suited gentleman who introduced the event, their role was to select the questions, if needed change, distort and alter them and then read them to Mr. Parsi.
Here is my second question: Why some questions need to be eliminated or modified , if they are so democrat, civilized and educated as they pretend?
One of my questions was about why was the NIAC inviting  the US Congressmen to meet in private high level Iranian authorities during Ahmadinejad’s UN visit?  Which Mr. Trita Parsi completely denied,  I managed  to give a copy of the NIAC email written by  Emily Blout the Legislative Director of NIAC  to the Congressman , inviting him to attend the meeting, to one of the organizers and told him that Mr. Parsi is being dishonest  and his answer is a big lie but as we had to remain civilized and we are all educated people, we do not have to say anything and accept their lies, I tried to remain calm. This person just asked me to remain calm and he said we will talk after the event is over.
Another question followed but it was apparently completely rephrased and distorted by the moderator. The gentleman [Dr. Arash Irandoost] politely objected and tried to explain to Mr. Parsi and moderator that this is not the question he asked, the suited guy ran to him and asked him to leave the room and continue the conversation outside. At this time the person did not move and asked the suited guy to read the question again but no success.
When for the second time he asked them to read the question correctly and insisted to talk to Mr Parsi, they called the police and asked him to escort the gentleman out of the room at this time I also left the room, once at the door another person who seemed to be Iranian but I am ashamed to call him Iranian pushed him out by telling him” get out of here, you are not here to ask question, you look for trouble”.
I interfered by asking the guy to stop pushing and being polite but he was insisting on his act and words,  and  he told me the following words” you killed people for seven years, now let us work”, I did not understand so I asked what you mean by “YOU” and he said: MEK, Mojahedin khalgh.
When I heard that I was so shocked that uncontrollably started to laugh at him and I told him that he is much like his Islamic Republic masters who also has a habit of  labeling  their opponents Monarchist or MEK.
I hope that Mr Badiee, Shawn Amooe, Dr Arash Manzoori, Kaveh, Bijan and all other people involved in this will get to the point that this was really not a democratic process. The human right is also about freedom of speech and not being escorted by the police as a criminal because of your question.
I will ask all my dear compatriots to educate themselves, to read and read more about any event taking place in their town, we all have access to the Internet , we all know someone who can inform or help, PLEASE DO SO.
In Persian we say: goosfandan ra hokoomat gorgan ast, much like the saying in English:
A Nation of Sheep, will be Ruled by Wolves!
I am desirous of a regime change, not change within the regime!
Armand Nouri

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