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NIAC’s Leadership Conference Overwhelmingly Rejected by the Iranian-Americans

This entry was posted by Tuesday, 11 October, 2011
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Arash Irandoost, Ph.D. - 10/11/2011

The National Iranian American Council (NIAC), again, held its annual members-only “Leadership Conference” on Capitol Hill with a lot of usual fanfare but with very little participation, proving yet again that NIAC does not enjoy much support among the Iranian-American community.

Iranian-American overwhelmingly rejected NIAC’s call for the Leadership Conference. Less than twenty people responded to NIAC’s call. This must be indeed very embarrassing and troubling for NIAC, since after several weeks of massive outreach, advertisement and email campaigns, etc., Trita Parsi, NIAC’s Director, could only muster very few Iranians-Americans to attend the three day ill-fated conference, proving once more that NIAC has lost credibility among the Iranian-American community.

Parsi ascribes catchy names to its events to snag interest and hide intent. But his actions have always spoken louder than his words. There has always been incongruity between the NIAC’s public face and its private actions. Time, experience and evidence have shown that NIAC’s sole purpose is and always has been to advocate for policies favorable to the Islamic Republic in Iran, push for dialogue and diplomacy, ease economic and political sanctions and sugarcoat the Islamic Republic’s nuclear weapons’ program.

NIAC’s so called “leadership panel” included known IRI apologists, outright regime supporters and even a member of a consulting firm close to the Rafsanjani camp, each talking about why sanctions are ineffective and bad, and how the United States needs to try even harder to convince Iran to unclench its fist.

Such cast of influence peddlers and other useful idiots who attended the conference are shameless in depicting, defending and promoting an image of a benign and pragmatic regime. A regime that is listed as a state sponsor of terrorism is intent on building nuclear weapons and has raped and murdered its own people to ensure its survival.

Disappointing and unfortunate, however, was the presence of Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) who attended the appalling conference despite numerous objections by the Iranian-American community. But, NIAC and Congressman Moran have a long history of cooperation . In large part due to NIAC’s deceptive agenda and campaign of disinformation, Congressman Moran and many others, continues to get Iran, Iranians and Iranian-Americans wrong .

In 2009, the ill-informed Congressman was fooled by NIAC to introduce the Iranian Digital Empowerment Act (IDEA) hoping in his words to enable “average Iranian citizens to access the most powerful tool available for promoting democracy and civil society in Iran: Information.” While a noble effort on the surface, had the Congressman done his homework, he would have realized the absurdity of the Act which was clearly conceived by NIAC to repair its negative image and at the same time enable selling of sophisticated technologies to the criminal regime. Apparently and for very good reasons, Trita Parsi did not inform the Congressman that most, if not all, instant messaging programs are free downloads and the best and most sophisticated software applications are available on Iran’s streets under $5, since the mullahs have yet to sign the World Intellectual Property (WPO) treaty and do not respect any copyright laws .

Those who are fighting the regime in Iran do not lack access to software and computers. What they need is a robust and unfiltered Internet and bandwidth . Perhaps the Congressman, despite access to intelligence, was not informed or ignored the fact that IRGC owns and controls any and all the telecommunication and Internet-based communications and can shut down or severely curtail access to the Internet, at will.

For too long, NIAC has deceptively labeled its opposition as warmongers, and the Congressman has sadly bought into that idea. But if the Congressmen believed in what he cited to be the Zogby International poll stating 6 out of 10 Iranians have families in Iran, he could have concluded that Iranians cannot and do not support any military action against Iran. In our opinion, it is precisely the ill-guided activities of NIAC and other regime lobbyists which will ultimately lead America toward war with Iran. Given the fact that IRI is intent on developing Weapons of Mass Destruction and all leaders of the free world have stated that they would not tolerate a nuclear Iran.

Fully aware that the regime is incapable of reform as long as IRI’s Constitution is in place, Khamenei and his cohort are in power, Iranian opposition groups are opposed to war, advocate for human rights and are striving for regime change and a democratically elected secular form of government which can live in peace with its neighbors and the world.

The Congressman might also be advised to know that Parsi influenced Bob Ney , a former convicted Congressman, to become the most ardent US Congressman defending rapprochement policy with Iran. Parsi worked closely with Bob Ney from 1997 till 2005 to ease sanctions on Iran. Ney admitted performing official acts for lobbyists in exchange for campaign contributions, expensive meals, luxury travel and skybox sports tickets. Ney also admitted taking thousands of dollars in gambling chips from an international businessman who sought his help with the State Department.

For too long various U.S. administrations, influenced and misinformed by a complex network of individuals and organizations with direct ties to the clerical regime to use dialogue and diplomacy, with an ideology-driven regime that “death to America and anti-Semitic” slogans has decorated its government buildings.

The United States will not be able formulate effective foreign policy on Iran unless it is informed by an honest, accurate and probing analysis of the situation, including a comprehensive documentation of the massive human rights abuses committed by the regime. Regime handlers such as Parsi, trading on his spurious connections with the mullahs to make money off the misery and oppression of the Iranian people, have done nothing but deceive and misinform the US policy-makers. The United States cannot obsessively pursue the ill-fated diplomatic path with Iran, a regime that has the blood of our brave soldiers on its hands, in case NIAC and Congressman Moran have forgotten.


Dr. Arash Irandoost is the founder of Pro-Democracy Movement of Iran (PDMI) which focuses on social, political and current events pertaining to Iran. He is an independent, non-partisan Iranian-American pro-democracy activist who works to inform and educate about the threat posed by Islamic Republic and radical Islam. He investigates and documents human rights abuses by the Islamic Republic in Iran and aims to raise international awareness of human rights violations inside Iran.Dr. Irandoost has been published on numerous online and print publications such as New Media Journal, the American Thinker, Faith Freedom International, Free Republic, Israel National News, Right Side News, Kurd Net, Radio Farda, and The Global Politician. He has appeared on various radio and television programs discussing issues affecting Iran and the United States.Contact him at: hakemiat.e.mardom@gmail.comRead his blog: and

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